Wednesday, February 4, 2009

what's the praxis village in the forest?

as one of our projects we are slowly creating a small village in the forest with an emphasis on a sweet living environment with aesthetic harmony with the forest environment. We work on integrating our forest restoration with creating residential environment out of thinned and dead timber. We are proud to present a highly illegal activity in our county: creating environments that would facilitate residence in undesignated places! though we know the "proper" way to acquire the right to occupy space involves jobs, long-term mortgage, and a whole bunch of earth works, dimensional Doug-fir, OSB, fiberglass insulation, tar shingles, petro-carpets, and vehicle access. Here we are confronting one of the greatest injustices happening within The US: residence implying both ugliness, environmental destruction, alienation, the perpetuation of automotive transportation, and long-term enslavement to a mortgage debt. This village is intending of being an example of the illegal activity of unpermited housing demonstrating how human residence could be beautiful, support the environment its in, create community, reduce the need for transportation, and bring freedom to be with children and live more domestically.

we like treehouses don't you?


  1. I love treehouses . I love cric house. I love beautiful and illegal building projects...

    Missin' green valley,


  2. Sounds really good and you are folks after my own heart. Believing what you believe , we acquired some barren land (cheap) in New Mexico and proceeded to build a dirt home off the grid and, it pleases me to say, illegally. We believe we had a right as beings on this earth to shelter ourselves in whatever way we saw fit according to our means and principles without having to ask permission from an impersonal and unreasonable bureaucracy. So our blessings to you. Sincerely, Cat